Geographical indications are now considered as intellectual property as a result of new legislation promulgated by the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

With this legislation, products made by foreign and Russian producers will now be registrable as geographical indications. Protection provided for the geographical indications will be in addition to protection provided for names of origin already present under Russian law. Registration for geographical indications can be applied for by individuals or groups. When registered, geographical indications will be protected for a period of ten years of the application date. This period can be extended by an additional application.

This legislation will enter into force on the 26 th of July 2020.

What is a Geographical Indication?
Under Turkish law, a geographical indication is a sub-class of geographical signs and are defined as names that “define a product that originates from a certain region or country and is identified with this geographical area due to it having a distinctive attribute, reown or other types of features and is produced or in any way processed within the provided geographical area”

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