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Our office has extended its portfolio of customer in a short time and opened its İstanbul branch in 2012. As well as its 2 offices in biggest cities of Turkey, our firm gives global intellectual and industrial property consulting in all around the World via its partners in all countries. Our main working areas are filing applications and oppositions, global watching, renewing, giving licence, transfert, preparing reports and all related works specialised on intellectual and industrial property law, copyrights, trademark, patent, designs, geographical sign, integrated circuit topography areas.

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We characterize the concept of trademark as all kinds of signs which may be displayed through drawings or expressed in a similar way and published and reproduced by means of printing like particularly

Utility Model

Novel and industrially applicable inventions are granted the utility model document. Utility models are the protections provided for inventions however, in order for the invention to provide a useful model document, the criterion for exceeding the known state of the technique is not required to grant.


Design is the appearance of the ornamentation of the whole or a part of the product, such as the line, shape, shape, color, material or surface texture.Except computer programs, products expresses

International Registration

According to the principle of territoriality of the Paris Convention, Trademarks are valid only in the registered country. In other words, applied or registered trademarks in Turkey are protected only within


The patent is a scientific and technical discovery, or official document which shows the right to use such an invention in the field of application. In other words, Patent is an industrial property right that gives the

Geographical Indications

Protection of Geographical Indications started with the Decree-Law No. 555 which was enforced on 27.06.1995, in our country. The Decree Law on the protection of geographical indications has been repealed

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